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Digital Vigyapan-Driven Brands Propel to Victory at Mobexx Summit and Awards 2023

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Mumbai — Digital Vigyapan, a leading digital marketing agency, is thrilled to announce the exceptional success of its clients, Avyukta and Peter J, at the esteemed Mobexx Summit and Awards 2023. The campaigns, expertly crafted and executed by Digital Vigyapan, have earned Avyukta the Gold Award for ‘Best Mobile App for Multi Brand Ecommerce’ and Peter J the Bronze Award for ‘Mobile Advertising Excellence in Messaging Campaign.’

Avyukta’s Triumph: ‘Best Mobile App for Multi Brand E-commerce’

Avyukta, a distinguished interior decor brand, secured the Gold Award for its outstanding mobile app, exemplifying excellence in the multi-brand e-commerce space. Digital Vigyapan’s strategic approach and innovative solutions played a pivotal role in bringing Avyukta’s efforts to the forefront, resulting in a well-deserved accolade.

Peter J’s Success: ‘Mobile Advertising Excellence in Messaging Campaign’

Peter J, a renowned perfume brand, clinched the Bronze Award for ‘Mobile Advertising Excellence in Messaging Campaign.’ Digital Vigyapan’s creativity and expertise in the digital realm were instrumental in crafting a messaging campaign that resonated with the audience and showcased the brand’s excellence in mobile advertising.

“We are immensely excited and proud of the accomplishments of Avyukta and Peter J at the Mobexx Summit and Awards 2023. These awards are a testament to the collaborative efforts between our talented team at Digital Vigyapan and our visionary clients,” said Kinjan Shah, CEO and Founder of Digital Vigyapan.

Digital Vigyapan extends its heartfelt congratulations to Avyukta and Peter J and looks forward to continuing its successful journey in crafting innovative and impactful digital campaigns.
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