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Digital Vigyapan – Celebrating their Triple-Treat Win at the Digixx Awards 2024

Guess who’s climbing the rank charts in the digital marketing world? It’s none other than Digital Vigyapan! With their campaign planning and out-of-the-box content ideas that actually make you stop scrolling, has snagged not one, but THREE major awards at the Digixx Awards 2024 by Adgully.

The Digixx Awards 2024 saw Digital Vigyapan hammering the iron of creativity hard enough to create a lasting impact. Their secret? A blend of strategic genius and over-the-top creativity that consistently delivers jaw-dropping results for their clients.

Here’s the scoop on their shiny new awards: 

Brand Identity (Social Media Engagements and Awareness): Awarded for its exceptional work with Pure Bot, a robot vacuum cleaner brand. Digital Vigyapan’s innovative strategies and engaging content have helped Pure Bot build a strong brand identity and increase social media engagement and awareness.

Best Use of Video (Retail): Recognized for its outstanding video campaign for PN Jewelz, a renowned jewellery brand. Digital Vigyapan’s creative video content showcased PN Jewelz’s elegance and craftsmanship, resulting in a highly effective retail advertisement.

Brand Awareness Campaign (Real Estate): Acknowledged for its impactful corporate video for Shivoham Group, a leading construction company. Digital Vigyapan’s campaign effectively highlighted Shivoham Group’s commitment to excellence in the real estate sector, resulting in increased brand awareness.

This success is an outcome of round-the-clock hours of hard work put in by our rockstar team: Vishva Dave, Preksha Punmiya, Shoaib Loladiya, Jay Pathak, Daksh Gupta, Sayali Temkar, Sundar Das, Krishna Surti, Shubhankar Gondhelkar, Vibhuti Joshi, Kevin Makwana, Neha Upadhyay, Soham Panchal, and Parth Purohit, says Kinjan Shah (Founder & CEO). Together, we’re a digital dream team.

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